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  • GOGO Picture Viewer Pro ActiveX SDK 4.74

    GOGO Picture Viewer Pro ActiveX OCX is a powerful ActiveX Control, which is intended for work with image data. You can view and save images of
  • GOGO Picture Viewer Pro ActiveX Control 4.92

    GOGO Picture Viewer Pro ActiveX OCX is a powerful ActiveX Control, which is intended for work with image data. You can view and save images of
  • GOGO Picture Viewer ActiveX Control 4.92

    GOGO Picture Viewer ActiveX OCX is a powerful ActiveX control, which is intended for work with image data.You can view and save images of different
  • PiP - Picture in Picture-Video-for Mac OSX and Linux 0.8

    Note: This addon only works with Linux and MacOSX - it uses certain Firefox functions not yet available with Windows. As soon as the bug for Windows,
  • PiP - Picture in Picture for Mac OSX and Linux 0.8

    Note: This addon only works with Linux and MacOSX - it uses certain Firefox functions not yet available with Windows. As soon as the bug for
  • Bokai Barcode ActiveX Control (Barcode/ActiveX) 3.0

    The handy Bokai barcode image generator ActiveX control makes the development of application very easy. Its major features are you can directly draw
  • Picture of the Day 2.0

    Do you have a favorite "Pic of the Day" site, such as the many sites that display a "Pet of the Day", "Cartoon of the Day", "Babe of the Day" or a
  • Picture Ace 2.5.8

    Don't want to enter a file name every time you save a picture? Want to save all pictures on a web page without clicking every picture? Picture Ace is
  • Picture To Go 1.5.6

    Picture To Go is a free graphics utility that will save you both time and effort. Search for pictures quickly on your computer. Find just the right
  • e-Picture Pro 4.0

    e-Picture Pro 4.0 combines world-renowned graphic design, page layout and vector animation tools with a host of new features and capabilities
  • Picture Man 4.0

    Get complete image processing and composition functionality with full support of 48-bit color mode in layers and all filters. It features automatic
  • BS Picture 4.2.2360.1000

    BS Picture is a handy image Viewer that includes all the features necessary not only to display any image but also to convert or edit.The program
  • Picture to PDF 1.0

    Are you legal professionals and seeking for a marvelous utility to make your evidence (images, graphics, photos, pictures, snapshot etc) in PDF format
  • Pi Picture (PHP) 1.0

    Small script to generate an image from the digits of

    - Sonnenfoto DES Tages - Es zeigt event. vorhandene Sonnenflecke. Mit Verzweigungsmoeglichkeit zur NASA
  • AD Picture Viewer 3.9.1

    AD Picture Viewer supports all famous graphic formats and use with Windows platform. It let you catalogue, organize, print and view your images
  • Picture Page 4.0

    A fast, easy-to-use program to select digital photos, write descriptions of them, and quickly create graphical web pages for publication on office
  • Picture Caller ID 2.0.1

    Picture Caller ID identifies callers before you answer the phone. Call Blocking enables effective telemarketer call block by cutting off black-listed
  • Picture Viewer Max 7.9

    Picture Viewer Max will Find, Display, Edit, Print, Organize, and E-Mail Images and Pictures. You can also find and play multimedia files, including
  • Ai Picture Explorer 8.9

    Ai Picture Explorer (AiPICX) enables you to enhance, manage and organize photos and also used for playing multimedia. Its key features are, Its
  • Ai Picture Utility 8.9

    AiPICT contains professional image processing and conversion procedures, which are used for viewing, editing, enhancing, managing, organizing photos
  • AD Picture Index 2.2

    AD Picture Index is the digital image and photo cataloguing and management tool. It's builds a database of your image and photo collection and enables
  • Picture Cube 3D 1.12

    Show off your favorite photographs on a spinning 3D picture cube. You can even add music to play along while showing your photos. Use your digital
  • Picture Resize 5.8.1

    picture resize tool allows you to easily convert, resize and optimize images. By using this tool you can resize the photos and then can easily copy,
  • Paper/Picture 2 DXF 3.0

    Convert CAD drawings from paper sheets or pictures into digital DXF files for editing in your CAD application. Scan a drawing or open a picture from
  • Picture To Icon 5.1148

    If you would like to use your own digital images in creating icons, all you need to use is Picture To Icon. This tool will use the images on your
  • Picture Patrol XP 1.5.1

    Picture Patrol is a program for Windows and Mac OS that automatically extracts pictures from thousands of articles posted in Usenet newsgroups. It
  • Auction Picture FX 1.9.1

    With Auction Picture FX, you can now create pictures with a highlighted border so that it will appear more prominently without having to pay any extra
  • Picture Resizer 6.0

    Picture Resizer is an easy-to-use tool for batch resizing of JPG pictures and photos. Drag and drop JPG files or folders with JPG files on the
  • Picture Doctor 1.7.9

    Picture Doctor - это программа для восстановления поврежденных графических файлов. Она
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  • Image Converter ActiveX 2.0

    Image Converter activex 2.0.1 is an OCX control for software developers which can convert JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG from one format to another using the GDI . from a VB6 .NET and Access. This component can display the
  • 12 in 1 Sonic Suite Bundle Group Edition 1.0

    12 in 1 Bundled Sonic Suite offers 12 sonic tools in 1 Suite. It lets you improve and modify your applications professionally. The activation code will be sent by email after purchasing it and you will be then able to
  • ActiveXHelper 1.12

    View activex components information. activexHelper is a small utility that allows you to view essential information about activex components installed on your computer. You can view the entire (and very large !) list
  • Activex Dialer Removal Tool 1.0

    Remove activex Dialer completely with activex Dialer Removal Tool! Effectively removes activex Dialer files and registry keys Kills the core of activex Dialer and not only symptoms Immunizes your PC so the chance
  • Telnet SSH ActiveX 2.0

    Do you want to have telnet and SSH client connection functionality in your program? Now it is easy to implement this feature with Telnet SSH activex.Telnet SSH activex Component is a standard activex component. It can be
  • Telnet SSH ActiveX Component 2.0.2009.601

    Telnet SSH activex Component 2.0.2009.601 is a standard activex component, which brings the telnet and SSH client connection functionality to your program. Telnet SSH activex Component can be easily integrated into
  • Extra GUI ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    Extra GUI controls for VB6 Extra GUI activex 1.0 is an extra collection of GUI controls for Basic GUI activex.This activex control contains advanced and ready to use Grid, List Bar, Combo-Box with images, and more?
  • Audio CD ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    CDA Audio CD activex 1.0 is a collection of audio CD OCXs (activex) for software developers. 1) CDA Converter activex (OCX) to convert CDA tracks from an audio CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE audio files. 2) Audio
  • Extra GUI ActiveX 1.0

    Extra GUI activex is an extra collection of GUI controls for Basic GUI activex. This activex control contains advanced and ready to use Grid, List Bar, Combo-Box with images, and more… Extra GUI activex
  • TakeReal Autocloser 1.6

    Restrict activex by setting Internet Explorer so that it will Ask your permission to activate activex should a website make a request. In that case you should make sure to yourself whether or not that website is
  • Morovia Barcode ActiveX Lite (demo) 3.7

    Morovia Barcode activex Lite is the low cost version of Barcode activex productline. It does what the professional version does, except that it does not supportany of 2D barcodes - such as PDF417 and DataMatrix.Morovia
  • Audio Encoder Decoder ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    Audio Encoder Decoder activex 1.0 is a collection of audio converter OCXs (activex) for software developers. 1) Audio Converter activex (OCX) with the ability to convert MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE from one format to
  • Living Picture Maker Web Edition

    Living picture Maker is a revolutionary new application that can bring any photograph or picture to life! All you need to create a new Living picture is a picture and the sound that you want the picture to speak back
  • ActiveXplorer 2

    activex viewer and manager. View, register, analyze, document and backup activex files. Solve installation problems and learn to use undocumented controls. activexplorer supports all types of activex files: OCX, DLL and
  • Oxygen SMS ActiveX Control 2.2

    You can use this Oxygen SMS7110 activex Control not only for sending text and picture messages but also for read9ng and writing default SMS centre number. You can use this control only with those programming environment
  • ActiveX Compatibility Manager 1.00

    Now you can easily disable/enable the activex components on IE browser by using activex Compatibility Manager. It does this by setting the "kill bit" of the desired CLSID under the following Registry key:
  • ABarcode ActiveX 1.0

    ABarcode activex is a software component that allows you to print bar codes in any Windows???? application that supports activex control technology, including the MS Office suite (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint,
  • Voice Chat Activex Beta 1.1

    Voice Chat activex Is activex that will bring conference sound into your application. Voice Chat activex can broadcast audio stream over the TCP/IP network. Features: * multi-client communications * no DirectX is
  • AtFinCalc 1.1

    An activex financial calculation Library that can perform a wide variety of calculations and generate cash flows for financial instruments such as amortizations, loans, annuities, CDs and IRAs. AtFinCalc is an activex
  • JRStegano Net ControlLibrary & ActiveX Developer License V3.0

    JRStegano is a ControlLibrary for Steganographie with all .net languages The package includes the JRStegano activex Control for using with VB6 too The control allow you to hide (and extract) any data file inside
  • Picture Ads Creator 1.0

    Quickly create stuning picture ads. picture Ads Creator is a software tool that allows you to create and manage your picture ads for your web page. You can install picture ads scripts to as many web sites as you want
  • SysTray Menu ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    activex OCX to run program from the systray. SysTray Menu activex 1.0 is an OCX control that allows you to run your programs thru the SysTray, hide program in the SysTray, operate advanced and nice looking menu from
  • SpecialButton ActiveX 1.0

    SpecialButton activex Replace the standard Windows button in your applications and games with this low-cost activex control! Add many more effects, such as : - colors (button , border, caption, shadow) - pictures
  • Basic GUI ActiveX (OCX) 1.0

    Advanced and ready to use GUI for VB. Basic GUI activex 1.0 is an activex control for beginners and advancers VB developers. This activex contains a collection of controls, tips, and tricks which allows you to add a
  • SkDNS ActiveX Control 4.0

    SkDNS activex Control is a DNS (Domain Name Service) activex control that can be used for network diagnosing, troubleshooting, and monitoring.The Magneto Software DNS (Domain Name Service) activex control (SkDNS.OCX)
  • Easy Balloon ActiveX (OCX) 2.0.1

    Easy Balloon activex 2.0.1 is an activex Balloon control for software developers, visual basic 6, VB.NET and any other language that supports the activex technology of Microsoft. Easy Functionality Add a system balloon
  • ActiveX Message Killer for IE 1.0.1

    You use the Internet Explorer browser? The "Do you want to allow software such as activex controls and plug-ins to run?" windows keep popping up when you view web pages? Annoyed because you have to close those windows
  • Best Picture Organizer 3.61

    Best picture Organizer - is an easiest way to Organize pictures. Get pictures organized with the best picture organizer. Organize pictures, automatically organize pictures and organize picture files with the best picture
  • SmartVMD 1.00

    A trial version of activex control for Video Motion Detection (VMD) With fully working of the activex control for video capture, preview and recording to disk video file or saving snapshot picture to disk. The
  • ICQ6 Picture Changer 1.0.3

    ICQ6 picture Changer removes the advertising banners from the message windows and the contatc list of your ICQ 6. The banner under the contact list can be replaced by an own picture. You can change this picture at will.