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  • Download3k search plugin 1.0

    download3k search plugin for firefox allows you to search and download download3k's daily updated software applications database from within your firefox browser. The results of your search are sorted by relevance and
  • Office Web Apps Browser Plugin 1.0

    The Office Web Apps Browser plugin installs an add-on that enables Office documents to be opened directly from firefox into the appropriate Office desktop application. This plugin is unnecessary for customers who use
  • FireNes 1.1

    Firenes is a good firefox add-on.This browser plugin is good for people. If you install this add-on,you can play thousands of game.Just need install this browser plugin. Now it is popular,more and more people have
  • FireFox Okapiland Plugin 2.7.3

    firefox Okapiland plugin is a firefox search plugin to provide Yahoo Search in Composite Page Mode (YahooCPM) that displays linked pages themselves in addition to hyperlinks. All pages can be displayed by scrolling the
  • Tellurium IDE 0.8.0

    Tellurium IDE is a firefox plugin to record user actions, automatically generate Tellurium DSL script, and play test scripts. Tellurium IDE is a derivative from Tellurium UI Module firefox plugin
  • AvantGarde Mist 2.0.9

    Please note that there is a major issue in firefox 3.6. If you have firefox 3.6 and download this theme to use, firefox will revert back to the Default theme. I have acknowledged this problem and am working as fast as I
  • Fast File Download ActiveX 2.3

    Fast File download activex is an activex component(activex control) that can fast download files from the Internet. You can use it to quickly develop your file download applications. It can be easy used with modern
  • CinemaOne Movie Player

    Movie Player for CinemaOne. If this plugin is installed there is no longer any need to download and save the plugin every time. The movie will start immediately after you a have rented it. Windows 2000 or later +
  • FileCluster Search Plugin 1.20

    FileCluster search plugin for firefox allows you to search FileCluster's daily updated software database from within your firefox browser. The results of your search are sorted by relevance and include software and
  • FC Forum Internet Toolbar 1.20

    FileCluster search plugin for firefox enables you to search FileCluster's daily updated software database from within your firefox browser. The results of your search are sorted by relevance and include software and
  • fzami - Muslim Prayer Times Plugin 1.2

    It is a firefox plugin that adds Muslim Prayer Times in the firefox status
  • 01vlog Firefox search Plugin 1.0

    Search for video blogs directly from your firefox browser.To install this plugin please copy (or unzip):01vlogfireplugin.src and 01vlogfireplugin.png under the firefox searchplugins directory:C:\Program Files\Mozilla
  • BlackX 2 2.0.7

    A powerful firefox plugin for your firefox to be Black and
  • Sonalksis Plug-Ins for Windows 3.0

    All Sonalksis plug-ins are downloaded and installed via our 'plugin Manager' application. Our plugin manager simpifies the experience of installing, authorising and updating your plugins, as well as allowing you to
  • PDMS Weft Plugin

    This extension plugin provides seamless integration of EOT fonts in firefox and other Mozilla based browsers. It allows all fonts used in the creation of a website to travel with that web PaGE, ensuring that a user SEES
  • Win-Lib File Downloader ActiveX 1.0.1

    File downloader activex 1.0.1 is an activex component for developers that can download files from the internet.It supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols, allowing you to simply specify files you wish to download and wait
  • Versions-wfx_Versions 1.0

    Paraphrasing what Fabio Chelly said about his TC plugin: ??Every day I check on many different websites if there???s a new version of my favorite programs available for download. So I decided to create this extension
  • Deepest Sender 0.8.0

    Deepest Sender is a blogging client that runs inside firefox, SeaMonkey, and XULRunner. Deepest Sender is a blogging client for firefox. What does this mean? Well, it means that instead of having to go to the Update
  • FlashGot 1.3.2

    FlashGot is the free add-on for firefox and Thunderbird. It is used to handle single and massive downloads with several external download Managers. Only FlashGot turns every supported download manager into a download
  • DownloadX Activex Download Control 1.6.2

    downloadX activex download Control is an FREE activex control used to download files from the Internet/Intranet. To speed up the downloading process, downloadX will split each file into several segments and download each
  • TVCatchup MCE Plugin 2.1.1

    This plugin allows you to use Microsoft Media Center (2005 / Vista / Windows 7) to watch Live UK TV channels. for a full list please vist the TVC Channels Page. This plugin will only work for UK based broadband
  • RB Plugin Plunger 3.5

    RB plugin Plunger can handle old and new style plugin formats, and will list the properties, methods, events, constants, interfaces, and modules, a plugin defines. When starting up RB plugin Plunger for the first time
  • AllMyFavorites for Firefox 1.0

    The AllMyFavorites software comes in one single installation file. Available in the download section. You can can choose which programs to install during the installation. Below you can see a description of the
  • File Download ActiveX 1.0.1

    File download activex is an activex component for developers that can download files from the internet. Fast and easy. With this component you can download files directly from the internet to the hard drive, with a
  • Brigg Anti-Toolbar 2.0.2

    Remove toolbars from firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. You can remove any add-on including those that cannot be deleted by browsers, fix browser crashing caused by incorrect add-ons. Remove firefox
  • LiveBookmarkThis 0.2

    LiveBookmarkThis makes firefox even easier to use and Far more conveniant than anything IE6 could offer. Had no problems upgrading from FF1.0.7 to firefox 1.5, and LiveBookmarkThis 0.2 to 0.3. If you do have any

    plugin implements a debugger in MPLAB which allows VBB to be used as a target much like an ICD2 or ICD3. This is a standalone installer for MPLAB plugin. Notes: The plugin uses sockets to make the connection to VBB so
  • NetVideoHunter 1

    NetVideoHunter is a firefox add-on (extension), with you can download videos and music from almost all video-sharing sites. If you don't have the firefox browser, first download them, then come back here (using
  • Improved DailyMotion Downloader Light 1.0.0

    Improved DailyMotion downloader is used to download a videos from DailyMotion to your PC. Application automatically detects video you are watching in a browser, and downloads it to format of your choice: AVI, MP3, 3GP
  • GlobeTorch Downloader addon for site 2.0b

    GlobeTorch downloader helps you to download video, clips, Movie, files, games from websites in One Click. In our opinion this is the most interesting and very useful plugin Installation instructions: 1. download